26 June 2008

What Was I Saying? Oh Yeah...Nothing

This whole finding a job thing is the BIGGEST pain in my ass, geesh. And its all becoming complicated in light of recent events. Everyone pretty much figured we wouldnt sell the house til the end of the summer or something, but we did and now my mom's new place is available July 1 and we have to be out of the house by like the 25th or something, which is terrifying. And my mom seems to be under the assumption that I'm just going to live with her. Which I guess is understandable because I've lived with her for most of this. But it kind of isn't what the plan was. Because the two main reasons for my moving in with my dad this summer were one because since the house was on the market we had to keep it clean and looking un-lived in and I couldn't handle that, and also because it was supposed to give me a taste of living on my own. Which so far it has. Moving back in with my mom will take that away.
I think I'll most likely move in with my mom though. Since she's moving like a town and a half over from my dad's place, it wont be as easy for me to shuttle back and forth between the two, meaning that when my dad is home for extended periods of time I'll basically be stuck. And my dad and I just get to each other way too much. Our relationship is always best when we don't see each other much slash don't live together. Plus I'm too excited about the new place; its really, really cute.

I can't wait til I can afford to get my own place. Which, at the rate I'm going, will be on the 16th of never. But my mom did say she would help me out initially, pay like half my rent or something. Its nice since she has her own money now that her and my dad are split, she can do what she wants. And she's pretty sensible about me. So score.

Yeah I wont lie, I completely lost my train of though up there in the first paragraph...my writing was interrupted by a "family meeting" (yeah, we still have those, even though my parents are divorced. Whatever). And then when I came back to finish it, I couldn't remember for the life of me where I was going with it. So this post sucks a lot of ass, sorry.

In other news, I'm still poor.

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