22 June 2008

Home is Where....Where is It?

There they are, the two most dreaded words in my life right now. Laid out in bold red letters. The house is, essentially, sold.

We've lived in this house since I was barely two years old. Its the only home I've really ever known. I've been fighting the sale the entire way but of course I dont have any real say. With my parents split up it doesn't make much sense for my mom to live there alone--or at least that was the case when the decision was made last year. But then surprise! E is back home indefinitely. But oh well. I've sort of come to terms with the fact that the house is being sold, now I'm just pissed that it went for such a low price. More than $100,000 too low if you ask me. Not that I really know much of anything about real estate.

Anyway so now my mom has been looking for somewhere else to live, and I've been going with a lot because presumably I'll be living there a lot. I cant spend all my time in dad's one bedroom apartment. So we looked at probably a million places today and its so weird for me. They're all so small. And my mom wants to live closer in to the city than we presently do so a lot of them aren't that nice. She hasn't decided if she wants to rent or own yet but the whole thing is just weird. It makes me sound slash feel like such a spoiled brat but its just what I'm used to. Its weird to have everything changing.

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