05 March 2009

Still Sucking (AT LIFE)

Well, shit. I all but abandoned this now didn't I. Not that it matters, since no one reads it, but I think writing it was sort of therapeutic for me. So I'm going to try and start updating more regularly again.

Lets see, quick update on my life. Well, I'm pretty miserable right now. I think Barbie and I are officially no longer friends (because of something STUPID, but, well, I think we've already established that she's a stupid fucking whore). I haven't talked to her in a good three months. I'm also just sick of all the other people I hang around regularly, so I've stopped making the 30-45 minute jaunt up to a certain state school that they all attend to hang out with them. With the few people I do still like still several hours away at school, that leave me with No Friends. Being such a solitary creature is not good for me. Granted, being an only child means I'm naturally pretty self-sufficient when it comes to entertaining myself, but still even I like a little socialization now and then. But I haven't the faintest idea how to go about making new friends.

I'm only taking two classes, so that isn't taking up a whole lot of my time. And I hate community college, so so much. But I don't think I'm going to transfer back to a real university until Spring next year at the earliest, and I'm pretty much positive I'm not going back to the university I was at before. So I'm basically doing the great college search all over again, and it's a pain in the damn ass.

I had a job for about a day, but my first day was such a horrible experience that I pretty much quit soon after. My mom is wildly disappointed in me, though my dad has been surprisingly understanding and supportive. The search for a job continues, unsuccessfully.

Speaking of my dad, he moved to Florida. Which is really far away. He claims it was for the warmth and good real estate or whatever, but we all know its because his new girlfriend lives down there. But I'm okay with it. I think.

Beyond that I can't think of anything notable to mention, and I'm already getting bored with this post. I'll try and update again tomorrow.