09 July 2008

Love and Money

Well the good news is everything worked out fine with Barbie and Skipper and Dumbass and crew.

The bad news is I'm still poor.

I currently have four dollars, and no gas, and I'm in need of some things too. I'm also trying to make a visit down to the other side of the state this weekend, to see my friend Chopstick. She moved down there basically permanently for school, and she wants me to come see her and her new apartment. And I want to go! But I don't have the money for the gas. Originially I was going to ride down with Dumbass and our other friend Firefly, because they were going to go down too, but then Dumbass decided to go down a day early with his buddy Spider and go to an amusement park on the way. I can't go down Thursday since I have class, plus I don't have money for an amusement park. Not to mention I wasn't even actually invited. And then Firefly decided he wasn't going to go down at all. So I basically have to try and scrape together enough money to make it down on my own. Which will be difficult. And I probably wont be able to eat while I'm down there unless I am fed by others.
And for the icing on the cake, Dumbass and I just got into a HUGE fight, like probably end-our-friendship kind of fight. Its my fault, really, because I brought my "feelings" into it. Yeah, as in, I laid it all out there. He already knew I liked him, but I really laid it all out there and I think it freaked him out. I think he's also mad, for some reason, about something. He yelled at me and told me I make it really hard for someone to like me since I always throw tantrums. And that hurt, but I know its true. But thats not who I am, normally. I just throw tantrums with him because I dont know, he has a unique ability to make me mad and drive me crazy and what have you. Sigh.
Enough rambling about my love life, the only reason I even mentioned that is to highlight how AWKWARD this weekend is likely going to be.

In other news, I have to go over to the house and finish sorting through all the clothes in my room and packing shit up. So weird. I'm going to miss the house so damn much. We officially move out the 21st.
But yeah, I gotta go do that. I just have to hope I can make it over there without running out of gas on the side of the road.

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