06 July 2008

Being Poor is Ruining My Life

Being poor is ruining my life.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a little melodramatic, but really. I'm pretty sure one of my best friends, we'll call her Barbie, is mad at me right now, for a stupid situation that stems almost entirely from my lack of dough. Her and our friend other friend, we'll call her Skipper, work together at a place like I dunno, 20 or 30 minutes from the house. So anyway after I got home from sleeping over at Barbie's house last night with Skipper, they called me and wanted me to come hang out with them for a bit and then take Skipper home, because one of them was allowed to go home or something. But I said no because I had a lot to do and because I didn't have enough money for the gas to get out there--I've spent a fair amount of money the past couple days on food and stuff for them and a few of our other friends, when we've hung out the past few times. So I've really only got like seven bucks or so, and my gas light came on this morning. So I told them no, and they were like we'll give you a few bucks for gas but I didn't want to waste gas and time driving out there for basically nothing. So I stuck to my guns (for once--I have a tendency to let people walk all over me) and refused.
Then, we had plans tonight to go see a movie with our friend Dumbass (not his real name), who I also happen to have a pathetically massive crush on. When we started planning this yesterday I said we had to go to an AMC theatre, because I have a bunch of free movie passes for AMC theatres, and that was the only way I could really afford to go to the movies. Barbie was reluctant because there aren't really any AMC theatres convenient to where we all live/work/play/whatever. But I told her she could have one of my movie passes and so she warmed up to the idea. But then this afternoon, after the whole earlier me-refusing-to-drive-out-there debacle, Barbie texted me and asked if we could go to the movies out by where they work instead. I asked if there was an AMC out there but she wasn't sure, so I checked online and there isnt. Then she was like "well, you have 7 dollars so Skipper and I will each give you a buck so you can come here." And for some reason I thought she was still going on about me going out there to hang out slash drive Skipper home, and I was like well wow you guys are relentless arent you. And she responded and was like "ok well we arent going to drive to [the AMC theatre we usually go to]. We both have to stay at work. There are 2 theatres basically in walking distance and were offering to pay you to come here. We couldn't go til 9ish anyways." And I was just kind of like "uhh." Because we weren't planning on going til after 10 or so anyways, because Dumbass said he couldn't go before then. And I told them I'd need money for both gas and the movies and I knew they werent going to give me money for all that, and I didnt want them to think I expected them to so I said "You guys cant pay for all of that, thats just stupid." And I haven't heard a peep from them since then, and that was like three hours ago. I mentioned all this to Dumbass, and his only comment was "every1 is being gay." How insightful.

So now I'm angry and bitter and upset. Barbie doesn't seem to understand that I can't just ask my parents for money whenever I need some anymore. And I know for someone who lives like she does, it can be a hard thing to grasp at first--I mean heck, thats what it was like for me at first. But its July now, time to get used to it.

But I hate this so much.

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