15 October 2008

Home Sweet Empty

It's really stupid and childish how I'm STILL dwelling on the move, and it makes my mom really upset, but I can't freaking help it. I was completely in love with my house and my neighborhood. When I think, I still think in terms of my house. Like you say something about "my room" and I imagine my room in the house. And I was thinking about having a New Years party again and I was imagining everything taking place in the house. Its stupid but I can't help i. That house was my life, I grew up there. And everyone is like "well you're 19, you were going to be moving out soon anyways." And it's like yeah, but I figured I'd still be able to go back there. I don't know, I guess I just always figured it would be like the family house. We bought into the community when it was being planned, and we picked the features for the house. We chose to put the upper deck, we chose the skylights in the master bathroom, etc etc. Its our house. I really hope I can buy it back eventually. I cant imagine the rest of my life without owning that house. Its stupid I guess but I can't help it. If that house was a person, I'd marry it. I know, I know. LAME. But I really don't care.

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